Team bonding: when cultures meet

Full day workshop

The full day “Team bonding” workshop is an extended version of the half day training. We will cover the same aspects plus we will focus on developing intercultural competences. Intercultural effectiveness is the objective of the additional module.


Specific items of the full day training:

  • Share our experiences to learn from each other
  • Reflect on the influence of cultural values and beliefs on our ways of perceiving, thinking and doing
  • Understand how key notions differ according to cultures: communication, sharing information, trust, role & responsibilities, building relationship, decision-making process etc.
  • Understanding and training of intercultural competences (intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment, managing uncertainty) using IRC self-assessment (Intercultural Readiness Check
  • Developing individual action plan
  • IRC online Option: Individual IRC online assessment prior to training with an individualized report


Specific benefits of the full day format:

  • Understanding of cultural fundamentals
  • Awareness of cultural-self (how does our own culture influence us?)
  • Framework to navigate cultural differences at work
  • Improved ability to manage cultural aspects in a work environment
  • Sound basis to further develop individual intercultural competences and effectiveness
  • Full day training including 2 short breaks and a lunch break
  • Maximum of participants to be defined
  • Will be confirmed for each session
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