Getting to grips with the Dutch culture

Becoming more comfortable in the Dutch environment

It can be challenging to live, work and deal with other cultures. Your “normality” is challenged and misunderstandings and frustrations start to creep in. In this interactive workshop we will map the Dutch culture and reflect on our own, to feel more comfortable in the Dutch environment on a daily basis.

Who is it for?

  • People who have recently moved to the Netherlands and want to accelerate their integration
  • People who have already lived and/or worked with Dutch people and want to get more out of the experience


In this interactive session we will:

  • Share our experiences to learn from each other
  • Reflect on the influence of cultural values and beliefs on our ways of perceiving, thinking and doing
  • Identify crucial aspects of the Dutch culture and cross-compare them with participants’ cultures
  • Define the next steps to feel more self-confident dealing with the Dutch culture


  • Clear understanding of the fundamentals of Dutch culture
  • Awareness of cultural-self (how does our own culture influence us?)
  • Improved ability to navigate the Dutch environment on a daily basis
  • Less frustration and fewer misunderstandings
  • Meeting new people and other cultures
  • 2-hour interactive workshop
  • Maximum 25 participants
  • Will be confirmed for each session.

This training can also be delivered as a private session for one person or a small group.

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