Our approach

Cross Cultural Learning...

…as addictive as CACAO.

In our training or coaching sessions we advocate the development of an attitude defined by the following facets:

Letter C


be(coming) aware of your own culture, of your own cultural values, beliefs and needs.

two letters A


being alert to signals (verbal and non-verbal) sent by people around you.


being curious and interested in other cultures, learning from and getting to know people from other cultures. Not trusting your assumptions, always delving further, asking questions to find out more.

white letter A


being flexible as long as you feel it is not undermining your core values. When your usual/normal way of doing things is not working, trying alternative, new, creative ways.

Open-mind and Open-heart:

trying to delay judgement, thinking in terms of “we are different” and not “we are better, they are worse”. Opening one’s mind and heart to other perspectives and needs, being respectful is the starting point for trustworthy relationships, more creativity and success.

The more you encounter and discover from other cultures, the greedier you will become to learn more.